Wednesday, 2 October 2013

How 2 stars were born in Sharm: the Deco Boys

It was a sunny, warm and dry December day and Thomas was laughing at me:

“Ah-ah-ah! I cannot believe it: you thought the Shamandura’ was just the name of the store in Naama Bay! Ah-ah!”

Yeah, I had thought the crew was talking about the supermarket underneath McDonald's. And I made the mistake to tell the story to my friends.
At that time McDonald's and Shamandura were already there, just to tell you that I am not ‘pioneer’ of Sharm but I am just an early sharmer, early enough to have enjoyed the comforts of
the ‘Pigeon House’.  

back to those days: the crew was very upset with me, I was not able to tie the rope to the sea floor, because I did  not understand the meaning of shamandura = mooring. I have to say that at that time most of the crews never made the smallest effort to explain anything in any language (even if they could speak many!) to the ‘fresh’ divemasters. 
They rather played you tricks and give you as much shit as they could.
Sometime risking their boats.
I thought it was… (the whole thing was!) such an absurd and surreal situation that really looked (depending on the angle of the sun and on the mood) hilarious, really funny, or...  devastating.

Then: one day me, Steve (Turley) and Thomas (Chabanne) decided to write down a song. Steve and Thomas were  real musicians, which I was not (everybody was a real musician compared to me) and so we started.
The first song was (of course!) Shamandura Blues. It took us some time to get done. Let’s say: a couple of beers. Then Steve came (with a new entry) and changed a bit here and there, revolutionized a few riffs, added a few jokes, trimmed the lyrics and then ‘we got the shamandoora blues!. (quote.)

The Deco Boys were born
And it happened in my flat
Khaled Abu Seif's Houses,
Sea Street,
el Hadaba
Sharm el Sheikh

They became a phenomenon.
Steve and Thomas carried on with plenty of fantastic new tunes, made out of clever, sarcastic parodies: the stuff real humor is made of.
 I was involved lesser and lesser while writing ‘Shamandura Generation’ my first book about the same subjects and on the same ‘vibes’ of the deco boys songs... in simple words I was writing about Sharm el Sheikh's diving community. therefore about us as well.
And it became (as well) an unexpected hit.

and here we are

more is coming 

coming soon!

- to be continued

claudio di manao

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  1. Grande Claudio!!
    Good memories never fade,we had the time of our life!!
    I still have the Shamandoura Blues.... ;-)