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Practical-existentialist guide for diving instructors, tourists and other good-for-nothing in warm climates.

Shamandura Generation (Figli di una Shamandura in italian) is the first book of a successful saga about divemasters in the Red Sea. Unexpectedly this book became a cult amongst italian readers and the diving community. Translated by Barbara Ferri.

Claudio Di Manao is a diving instructor and dive guide who worked for 11 years in Sharm el Sheikh, 2 years in the Cayman Island, then in Mexico and Zanzibar. He is the author of three books and a former columnist of Mix-Magazine (Sharm el Sheikh) and GoRedSea. He is also author of documentaries screenplays and Swiss Radio programmes (RSI) and he is currently columnist for Corriere del Ticino, ScubaZone and Alert Diver Magazine (DAN) 

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